Date A Live Win XP and 7 Theme

Jul 14, 2013

I hope it not too late to share this theme since the anime is already end last month, hope some of you like this theme. I love this anime a lot, that why when I saw this theme on forum, I decided to repost it, but it use different installer that what I usually repost, so have to separately write another guide for this, very straight forward installer. For this time, I will repost 2 theme from this series, each from different author.


Theme Installation Guide [Plusky]

This guide is a brief walkthrough on a how to install and use the theme that using Plusky's installer (actually I dunno what should be call for this installer, so I use the author name who create this installer instead). This installer basically allow theme maker to pack all the theme stuff and allow user like us easily to install and use the theme easily, something like the team Zero's installer (most of the theme that I previously repost), but a lot convenient. I only tested 2 theme that using this installer, so there might be more problem (I hope not), so good luck on using this ;). The below guide I was using Date A Live theme as example.


Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Win 7

Jun 23, 2013

Here is the another theme suppose to repost together with the previous theme, but end up there is some issue on the theme. After tested all the download source provided by the author WeiDao, end up there is missing two files, therefore please take note in the extra instruction at the below (before download link).


Oreshura XP and 7 Theme

Jun 16, 2013

Alright guy, it's been a while, and this time is the longest missing period since the last time. And here I back again to repost some theme. Before that, I do search some other theme, but hard to find nice theme actually, and the place I always visit, seldom got any new theme, sad :(. At the same time, I also searching for Windows 8 theme but found nothing yet. And recently found out something, my design and color matching is s**, why I said this? because I trying to create theme but well hard to find image, match color and etc, still learning, so it won't release any time soon and won't response to request theme, it is damn hard and take time to create a theme, I respect those theme maker seriously.



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